Resistance Reads is a newsletter/resource that launched in late 2018. With a focus on books, activism, authors, and politics, our goal is to amplify the work of other activists, grow your TBR pile, and create conversations around the intersection of books, bookstores, activism, and political action.

Resistance Reads was founded by Rachel Kempster Barry, a newish activist who excels at signature gathering, photocopying, and canvassing (even if she's not thriled about doing the latter). This past June she was elected to her local Democratic Committee which means she was able to vote for herself during the primaries. Rachel has worked in book publishing since dropping out of her Ph.D. program in 2000. She's currently running Tuesday Magic Marketing, a book-focused marketing and publicity business, while working on several writing projects and a passle of volunteer committments. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy once told her, "Hide your cocktail behind your back so it's not in the picture." She's taken that advice to heart.